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Pepper California wonder

 Matures in 75 days

Green bell pepper .Mature peppers ripen to bright red.

$2/2" pot

 Pepper super shepherd sweet

 Matures in 68 days.

 Italian Sweet,Dark red 7.5 in/19 cm early fruit have very thick juicy flesh, great taste. This variety has very high brix (soluble sugars) and will attract insects to young transplants.

$5/4 cell pack

Pepper giant Szegedi sweet

 Matures in 70 days.

 Large top shaped, pendant, fruit.

$2/2" POT

Pepper Marconi rosso Ramshorn type

heirloom seed

Marconi rosso is an Italian ram's horn variety

the very sweet peppers ripe from dark green to dark red

$5/4 pack cell

Pepper super red pimento

 Matures in 70 days. TMV tolerant. Huge 5.25 in/14.4 cm wide, 3.25 in/8 cm deep fruit ripens green to red. Extra thick 1/2 in./1.3 cm sweet flesh. Huge flat shaped pimento.

$2/2" pot

Pepper Hungarian yellow wax sweet banana type

banana shaped sweet pepper ideal for pickling

$5/ 4 pack cell

Pepper Hungarian yellow wax hot

65 days to harvest,dwarf bushy plants,Fruit ripens from a waxy yellow to bright red.

$5 / 4 pack cell

Pepper Red cherry  hot
70 days to harvest,medium -hot cherry shaped peppers with a robust slightly sweet taste matures green to red ,bushy upright plants

$5/4 pack cell

Pepper Habanero orange  Hot 

70 days to harvest,scorching  hot fruit are lantern shaped ,turns orange at maturity

$2/2" pot

Tomato San Marzano

classic Italian plum tomato ideal for making sauce and canning.
Indeterminate growth pattern.

$5/4cell pack

Tomato moneymaker organic

a very heavy producer of uniformly shaped,smooth skinned fruit .

Indeterminate variety can grow to 80" in height,require staking

 $2/ 2" pot 

Cherry tomato sweetie

50 days to harvest extra sweet cherry tomato.

$5/ 4 pack cell

Tomato Beefsteak

heirloom seed,main season Tomato

indeterminate growth pattern

$5/4 pack cell

Black beauty eggplant

Heirloom seed ,abundant fruits are large and dark purple

$5/4 pack cell

Black king hybrid  eggplant

Early productive eggplant with extra large fruits.Medium-sized plants are strong and suited to outdoor and cold frame growing. Long oval fruit are500-680g (1.5lb) with attractive shiny dark black colour and green calyxes. Tolerant to bacterial wilt.

59 days-baby, 65 days to maturity

$2/2" pot

Marketmore Cucumber

Productive slicing cucumber with dark green, 20cm/8” fruits. More tolerant to cucumber diseases than other O.P.’s

$ 5/ 4 Pack cell

Corentine Hybrid

Very early, improved European Gherkin. Smooth skin gherkin that stays crisp long after picking.  Vigorous plants can set under cool conditions. 45 days

$ 2/ 2" pot

Cross country hybrid

51 days semi bush type, allows denser planting.Higher yields of outstanding dark green fruit with white spine.

$2 / 2" pot

Waltham butternut squash will be ready for 15th June

heirloom seed

winter squash,85 days,creamy yellow smooth outer skin ,heavy producer,great taste improves with storage.

$3 / 3" pot ( 2 plants /pot/)

Vegetable Marrow squash

large ,long , creamy fruit

Matures in 55 days

$3/3" pot( 2 plants /pot)

Zucchini squash dark green  

50 days to harvest,compact bushy variety

$3/3" pot (2 plants/pot)

Zucchini squash golden

50 days to harvest

$3/3" pot (2 plants/pot)

Cabbage golden acre

64 days to harvest , early variety producing round heads on compact plants

earliest to mature

$5 / 4 pack cell

Cabbage Copenhagen market

 68 days to harvest,short season variety

$5/ 4 pack cell

Cabbage red express

62 days to harvest a perfect open pollinated variety.An ideal variety for smaller gardens

$5/4 pack cell

Cabbage danish ballhead  will be ready for 15th June

100 days to harvest,long storage variety

$5/4 pack cell

Broccoli chief Hybrid

extra early variety,55 days to maturity

$2/2" pot 

Broccoli green sprouting

old Italian variety ,70 days to harvest,produces heavy crops of large heads

$2/2" pot

Cauliflower super snowball self blanching

65 days to harvest ,uniformly shaped,snow white heads,good for both early and late season crops

$2/2" pot

Brussel sprouts long island improved

95 days to harvest,good flavor and heavy yielding

$5/4pack cell

Onion red of florence round

110 days to harvest,stores well

$3/3" pot (10-15 onions int he pot)

Cantaloupe delicious 51

84 days,an early and productive variety.Sweet orange flesh.

$2/2" pot

Beet red ace hybrid

53 days,short top type, smooth globe shape ,deep red interiors , good tolerance to bolting

$5/4 pack cell

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